• Implement cloud solutions for the company you want to be - not what you are !
  • Ray Tetlow
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Implement cloud solutions for the company you want to be - not what you are !

Growing companies make three common mistakes in selecting CRM, Accounting and ERP systems. 

The first, and potentially the most serious, is waiting to upgrade their business management systems until they really need to. 

The second is implementing systems that are far more complex than what they currently need. 

The third is that they implement a system that is too under powered to be sustainable.

The first scenario, waiting too long to upgrade, is completely understandable. Many businesses are running lean and close to the bone. They feel they don't have enough financial or personnel resources to make the leap to a bigger system.  However, in many cases, they have not thought about the long-term implications of that decision. The time to implement a business management system is before your growth accelerates to a point that your present systems cannot maintain it.   

The second scenario, over building your implementation, is also an understandable mistake. The company looks out at a future that is exciting and significantly more complex. It selects and implements a system to support that complexity without having the staff, budget or the expertise to run it and fully benefit from it. The result is a system that is over built and too complicated to manage - typically heavily customized for processes that do not really exist today.

The third scenario, implementing something too under powered, is really a failure to plan your business. 

Best practices and the way Software as a Service is billed can enable you to rapidly implement a manageable but scalable system. There is no need (or excuse) to go with an under powered tool with todays technology. 

In all cases, the goal is to implement a system that is appropriate for your present and immediate future but also serves as a strong foundation long-term.  An experienced Systems Integrator can help build a strategic for you. 

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  • Ray Tetlow
  • ImplementationManagement Consulting