ERP System Selection. Do not be foolish!

Irrespective of whether the company is a multi-national, multi-million dollar organization or a small company with single digit million turnover, the goal of system selection is to source a system that can provide functionality for all of the business processes; that will get complete user acceptance; management approval and, most...

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Winning at Process Improvements - Integration, Integration, Integration

No matter what system you implement;  a whole ERP (such as NetSuite) designed to manage your entire business; or a point solution (such as SugarCRM) that addresses a specific departmental need.   There comes a day where manual processes, such as entering customer orders from the phone, emails or fax, or moving information between...

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Implement cloud solutions for the company you want to be - not what you are !

Growing companies make three common mistakes in selecting CRM, Accounting and ERP systems.  The first, and potentially the most serious, is waiting to upgrade their business management systems until they really need to.  The second is implementing systems that are far more complex than what they currently need.  The third...

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Deploying CRM after you have deployed NetSuite Financials

Some NetSuite customers have deployed  financials and order management but never bothered implementing the CRM module.   It could be that finance and order management took priority and/or CRM is being handled in another system and/or CRM is just not important.   But things change.  More recently, we have seen a...

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Open Source SaaS ERP. Will it ever be accepted by the enterprise?

Over the last several weeks we have wondered why open source ERP is not yet generally accepted in the business community.   They should be; for the most part they work well, run wide and deep and cost hardly anything in term of licensing.  But unlike their infrastructure ( think Linux,...

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