• Why a Solution Design is Necessary?
  • Ray Tetlow
  • Management Consulting
Why a Solution Design is Necessary?

Before making changes to your ERP systems we hope you are asking yourselves a few honest questions:

  • are my internal processes defined well?
  • am I qualified to select and deploy a solution?
  • do I have time to focus on this and do I have the budget?
  • am I listening to the right people?
  • am I doing things right and according to best practices?

Any ERP vendor is highly skilled at selling.  The issue is that they tailor a solution around their solution and before you know it you buy it.  Later, when its too late, you realize that the solution did not meet expectations and in fact, ran significantly over budget and is not even meeting basic business requirements. 

Did you know up to 70% of ERP initiatives fail?

They fail (almost in all cases) because a solution design was not performed to carefully plan this major event.   In other words, the software was used to drive the business decision and not the other way around.  

Solution designs make sure that your formal processes and requirements are mapped out to a clear solution.  More importantly, major gaps between your processes and the software are resolved (and budgeted) before the implementation starts or after an implementation has happened. 

  • Ray Tetlow
  • Management Consulting