ERP initiatives are complex because they involve all of your business.  Our flexible approach to implementation means you get options and simplicity.




The cloud gives you new choices.  Our detailed Solution Designs can help you peform your own implementation and gain valuable knowledge while we coach you on best practices, the deliverables and quality assurance. 




You may not want to distract your employees too much from their day jobs.  Tactics can provide full turnkey implementations by performing all or most of the implementation work.  




  • By taking our Solution Design we help you configure the software to suit your business.  This includes things like configuration options, product structures, chart-of-account definitions, workflows and much more.
  • We can customize and integrate any part of your solution by adding additional fields, records, special workflows, custom scripting, custom forms, custom reports and custom dashboards. 
  • When we are done implementing, things may not end there.   Our training and support staff are always on hand when you need them.










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