Solution Design


A Solution Design is a comprehensive set of documents that governs and plans entire cloud initiatives from requirements to execution.

It is essential for CRM/ERP success.




With over 1000+ solutions under our belt, you are paying for our experience, methodology and knowledge of the cloud industry, your industry and the software product.   




Solution Designs help you shop and execute more intelligently by properly planning everything out and executing according to best practices.  This saves cost and increases your productivity.   


Why a solution design?  

The Deliverables: 

  • Bad requirements equate to bad decisions.  Your core requirements are analyzed, documented and summarized producing a single and comprehensive point of reference that has been vetted by our team of experts.  
  • Our team helps you come up with a solution to meet your requirements, budget and time-frames. 
  • Gaps between your business and the solution are analyzed and specified.  This helps you uncover hidden issues and costs.  
  • The entire project is planned using our project planning tool.  This ensures all teams execute and deliver to expectation.