• Try Cloud ERP - What have you got to lose? Nothing!
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Try Cloud ERP - What have you got to lose? Nothing!

We came across a good article by popular SaaS ERP Blogger and Buyer Advocate, Dennis Howlett: "If your not getting cloud computing your a loser". 

Here, Dennis is discussing cloud computing, typical customer rejections and goes on to make a very valid point - what have you got to lose by checking out cloud ERP?

Dennis states:

"For the vendors: instead of simply laying out the case for your SaaS/cloud offering think about the ‘what have you got to lose?’ argument. You’ve set up the fail environment through the monthly subscription - why    not leverage it?"

"From the buyer side: if you were migrating from one system to another, you’d typically run parallel in the two environments before switching one off. Why not take advantage of the likelihood of free assessment to see whether something makes sense? Heck – why not make it a requirement?"

In our opinion, Dennis has hit the nail on the head. Instead of looking into the reasons why cloud computing does or doesn't make a good business case and just idly theorizing - why not just give it a whirl?  What do you have to lose? 

In the on-premise model this would have been feasible for either the vendor or the customer.  In the cloud model, with monthly subscription, short prototyping and implementation cycles it makes sense because the up-front investment is considerably less.  

Dennis rounds out his piece by stating-

"What have you got to lose by tasting what the cloud offers? Almost nothing. What might you be missing? Everything"

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  • Ray Tetlow
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