• Tactics Helps SAP Streamline Their Channel Sales Processes for the Cloud
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Tactics Helps SAP Streamline Their Channel Sales Processes for the Cloud


"With the help of Tactics we (SAP) were able to apply best practices for dealing with our partners and how they sell subscription-based solutions".

- Pascal Nass, Global Channel Development – SAP AG 

Tactics was engaged on a process engineering and solution design project to apply industry best practices to SAP's ecosystem of channel partners.  Specifically, this is where it pertained selling subscription-based cloud solutions such as SAP Business ByDesign.

The Results:

  • Improved, significantly, overall channel efficiency and information flow
  • Improved sales clarity by having clear sets of processes
  • Adopted by SAP as part of their global go-to-market strategy for SAP Business ByDesign

The Challenges:

  • SAP were not used to best practices associated with selling cloud solutions on a recurring bases; especially via a highly organized partner channel
  • SAP had not covered the combinations of situations that can occur when selling recurring subscriptions
  • SAP had to adapt the processes to meet system restraints of their internal infrastructure


  • Clearly documented the business processes, using our FLUID Methodology, for lead to cash and how it plays out in channel sales
  • Delivered the documentation to senior management who then executed and enacted
  • Ensured all isolated processes such as renewals, up-sells/down-sells, cancellations, de-books/re-books and new subscriptions were covered.
  • Ray Tetlow
  • Case Study